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Google Chrome Report a Bug or Broken Website Feature

If you find a bug or notice that a webpage isn't working properly, Google Chrome has introduced a new feature which allows you to send a report via the browser.

Step 1:
Click the "Page" menu.

Google Chrome page menu.

Step 2:
Select "Report a bug or broken website".

Google Chrome Report bug of Broken website.

Step 3:
Choose an issue type from the drop-down menu. The web address of the webpage you're on is recorded automatically.

Google Chrome Report window.

Step 4:
If possible, add key details in the 'Description' field, including steps to reproduce the issue you're experiencing.

Step 5:
Keep 'Send source of current page' and 'Send screenshot of current page' checkboxes selected.

Step 6:
Finally click on the "Send report" button to report a problem to Google Chrome.